Help: Table-Type

Data Item: Table-Type

For inputting and displaying data in a tabular format.

Configs: Common
  • Item Name
  • Field Name
  • Data Type
  • Description
  • Note
Configs: Table (Table-Type)
  • Required
  • Minimum Rows
  • Maximum Rows
  • Table Columns
    • String
      • Item Name
      • Minimum Length
      • Maximum Length
      • Regular expression to be satisfied
    • Numeric
      • Item Name
      • Number Format
        • ISO Standard – Comma decimal point / No digit delimiter (e.g. 1234,56)
        • SI; Le Systeme International d’Unites – Period decimal point / No digit delimiter (e.g. 1234.56)
        • U.S., U.K., Japan – Period decimal point / Comma delimiter (e.g. 1,234.56)
        • German, Italy, Spain – Comma decimal point / Period delimiter (e.g.: 1.234,56)
      • Range of decimal places
      • Prefix
      • Suffix
      • Minimum Value
      • Maximum Value
      • Show total value at the bottom of list
    • Select
      • Item Name
      • Choices
        • Choice ID
        • Label
    • Date
      • Item Name


Settings Screen

Input Screen


  • Columns must be configured in the modeler
  • The table contents can be input by users undertaking the Task, depending on editing permissions
  • Formulas can be set to automatically calculate table values
  • The number of rows that can be added depends on the limits set in the modeler
  • Select-type columns will present a dropdown menu displaying the options set in the modeler
  • Rows can be added either at the bottom of the table or in the middle using the buttons provided

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