Data Item: Table-Type

Displays a table that allows input to String, Numeric, Select or Date-type Data Item formats. Any number of rows can be added when entering data.

Configs: Common
  • Item Name
  • Field Name *
  • Data Type
  • Description
    • Correct Errors and Format
  • Note
Configs: Table (Table-Type)
  • Required
  • Minimum Rows
  • Maximum Rows
  • Table Columns
  • Add Table Column
    • String
      • Item Name
      • Field Name
      • Required
      • Minimum Length
      • Maximum Length
      • Regular expression to be satisfied
    • Numeric
      • Item Name
      • Field Name
      • Required
      • Number Format
        • 1234567.89
        • 1,234,567.89
        • 1234567,89
        • 1.234.567,89
      • Range of decimal places
      • Prefix
      • Suffix
      • Minimum Value
      • Maximum Value
      • Show calculated value (appears only when two or more numeric columns are set)
        • (select numeric column)
        • (operator)
          • * (multiplication)
          • + (addition)
        • (type a fixed Number/select numeric column)
      • Show total value at the bottom of list
    • Select
      • Item Name
      • Field Name
      • Required
      • Choices
        • Choice ID
        • Label
      • Edit in CSV format
    • Date
      • Item Name
      • Field Name
      • Required


Settings Screen

Input Screen


  • To input / edit data items, the editing authority in the task must be set to “Editable”
  • Columns must be configured in the Table Columns section on the property screen of the Data Item
    • Item Name is displayed in the title row of the column
    • Field Name is used for reference from other Data Items, etc
      • Specify an arbitrary single-byte alphanumeric character string
      • Required if [Show total value] is checked in “numeric” column, optional for other columns
    • Formulas can be set to automatically calculate cell values between numeric columns
    • The number of rows that can be added depends on the limits set in the property
  • The Task Operator can add table rows and can input table contents
    • Double-click on the desired line to start typing
    • Select-type columns will present a dropdown menu displaying the options set in the property
    • In Date-type columns, the possible values for the years that can be entered are between 1900 and 2100
    • The buttons on the top left respectively have the following functions
      • add (add) : A row is added to the bottom
      • input (insert) : A row is inserted above the checked row (invalid if unchecked))
      • delete (delete) : Checked rows are deleted
      • file_copy (Copy to clipboard) : The values of all cells in the table except for the summary row are copied to the clipboard (TSV format)
      • content_paste_go (Paste from clipboard) : The contents of the clipboard are pasted expanding from the focused cell
    • In the clipboard, values are handled in the following format according to the type of sub-data item
      • String-type: character string as it is
      • Numeric-type: character string of the standard format (period as the decimal point, no thousand delimiter)
      • Select-type: character string of the Choice ID
      • Date-type: string in the format yyyy-MM-dd
    • The copied content can be pasted to other Table-type Data Items with equivalent column definitions
      • Click a cell to be the first to focus it, and click content_paste_go to insert
      • Values already entered in the table will not be overwritten
    • You can batch insert values copied from Google Sheets or Excel into a Table-type Data Item

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