Seminar Registration 1
It has the minimum functions for accepting seminar applications. The application form will be published and an acceptance email will be sent automatically.
Worker (Number of Swimlanes: 1)
  • Seminar Team
    • Users who confirm the details of their application to attend the seminar
Workflow (Complexity of Workflow Diagram: 5)
  • 2 Confirmation of Application Details
    • Confirm the information entered in the Seminar Application Form. Select whether you want to accept the application or not.
Workflow Diagram (click to open)
Business process variables to be passed (Number of Data Items: 8)
  • [Application Form Explanation 1] 0
    • Description 1 to be displayed on the application form, assuming that the title of the seminar is displayed.
  • [Application Form Explanation 2] 1
    • Description 2 to be displayed on the registration form, assuming that a brief description of the seminar will be displayed.
  • Name q_name 2 *
    • Applicant’s name
  • Company name/affiliation q_company_name 3 *
    • Applicant’s company name/affiliation
  • Email address q_email 4 *
    • Applicant’s email address. The address of the acceptance email.
  • Phone number q_telephone_number 5 *
    • Applicant’s phone number
  • Questions, etc. q_inquiry_etc 6
    • Questions from applicants, etc.
  • Internal communication memo q_memo 7
    • Notes by seminar team members

Field Name, Num, Initial value


Available with Advanced and Professional editions


  • The description displayed at the top of the application form is the content entered in the Description field of the “Application Form Explanation 1” and “Application Form Explanation 2” Data Items (HTML).
  • The content of the acceptance email (From, Subject, Body, etc.) will reflect the settings in the Send Reception Email icon.


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