Answer Drafting Flow
Accepts questions and designates personnel to create the answer. After receiving a question via a web form or email, the person responsible for preparing the answer will be appointed at the Step [2. Jurisdiction to answer]. Answers are drafted by AI, and person responsible completes it. At the [5. Reviewing terminology and legal] Step the content of the answer is checked, and if approved it will proceed to the following Step.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 1. Accepting questions and forwarding to the Cabinet The person in charge accepts the question and sends it to the Cabinet.
  • 2 2. Jurisdiction to answer The person in charge appoints the answer creator.
  • 3 3. Creration of answer The appointed person instructs AI (fictitious) to create an answer or brings up an objection against the officer.
  • 4 4. Completion of answer The person in charge completes the answer sentence based on the answer created by AI.
  • 6 5. Reviewing terminology and legal Cabinet Legislation Bureau official examines the legal conformity of the answer and returns any deficiencies.
  • 10 6. Confirmation Cabinet Affairs officer accepts the answer and submits it to the Secretariat.
  • 11 7. Acceptance of answer Secretariat accepts the answer.
  • 16 x1. Draft by AI This Step is fictitious (Questetra doesn’t have such an AI feature at this time).
Variables (click to open)
  • = Question = 0:
  • Asked by q_Asked 1: Automatically set at Start Events
  • Classification q_Classification 2: Automatically set at the Form Start Event
  • Body of question q_Body 3: Automatically set at Start Events
  • Question Attachment q_Attachment 4: Automatically set at Start Events
  • = Answer = 5:
  • Person in charge q_Person 6:
  • Answer deadline q_Answer 7:
  • Body of Answer q_Body_Answer 8:
  • (Number of characters) q_Number 12: Automatically set at x1.
  • Answer Attachment q_Attachment2 9:
  • = Memo = 10:
  • Internal message q_Message 11:


This archive contains the BPMN icons that are not available in the Basic edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • The Step x1. Draft by AI is fictitious
    • At this time, Questetra does not have such an AI function
    • The process that is implemented is a character counter

Arrangement Tips

  • You can use it in the Advanced environment by deleting the x1. Draft by AI Step
    • Import the archive, then remove the icon in edit mode and connect with the arrow path

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