Employee Information Acceptance
Manages additions/updates in employee information and updates employee master data as needed. The data entered in the [1. Addition / Updating of Employee’s Information] Step is passed to the Human Resources Department after approval by the supervisor. If the employee master needs to be updated, the current master is retrieved, new data is added, and then the employee master is automatically updated with it.
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1. Addition / Updating of Employee’s Information 1x. Rework 1x. Rework 2. Confirmation on Basic Info 3. Confirmation on Employee Info 4. Updating Employee Master Title set Updating Employee Master data
multiple Reason for application
guide = Basic Employee Info (Addition / Updating / Deletion of Master XML) =
single Employee number
single Email address for Business
single Name commonly known
single Phonetic of Commonly known name
yyyy-mm-dd Date of Hire
yyyy-mm-dd Date of Retirement
single Reason for Retirement
yyyy-mm-dd Date of Death
single Reason for Death
guide = Newest personal Info (Browsing is not allowed even to Supervisors.) =
single Name of Family registration
single Phonetic of Family registration name
yyyy-mm-dd Date of Birth
radio Gender
multiple Personal History
multiple Address
single Emergency Contact Phone
single Emergency Contact Email Address
guide = Communication =
discuss Internal Message
guide = Employee Master data (Exclusive of HR Department) =
yyyy-mm-dd Employee List acquisition date
table Employee List
multiple (tsv data)
multiple id_list
multiple label_list
select staff-master_select



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