Employee Information Acceptance
Manages additions/updates in employee information and updates employee master data as needed. The data entered in the [1. Addition / Updating of Employee’s Information] Step is passed to the Human Resources Department after approval by the supervisor. If the employee master needs to be updated, the current master is retrieved, new data is added, and then the employee master is automatically updated with it.
BPMN Nodes
  • 1 1. Addition / Updating of Employee’s Information An employee submits his/her personal information.
  • 4 1x. Rework The submitter corrects the contents and resubmits.
  • 6 1x. Rework The submitter corrects the contents and resubmits.
  • 3 2. Confirmation on Basic Info The submitter’s boss confirms the contents and returns if any deficiencies.
  • 5 3. Confirmation on Employee Info The HR staff confirms the details and decides whether or not to update the Master. Returns if any deficiencies.
  • 8 4. Updating Employee Master The HR staff adds/modifies/deletes employee information.
  • 2 x1. Title set The system generates a string and sets it in the Title Data Item.
  • 7 x2. Retrieval of Master data The system acquires the contents of the master and sets them in “Employee List (Table-type)”, “(tsv data)” and “Employee List acquisition date” respectively.
  • 13 x3. TSV uptake The system sets the contents of (tsv data) in the “Employee List (Table-type)”.
  • 9 x4. Generation of list The system writes the contents of the “Employee List (Table-type)” to “id_list” and “labe_list” respectively.
  • 10 x5. Updating Employee Master data The system updates the master with the contents of “staff-master_select”.
Workflow Diagram (click to open)
Variables (click to open)
  • Reason for application q_Reason 0:
  • = Basic Employee Info (Addition / Updating / Deletion of Master XML) = 1:
  • Employee number q_Number 2:
  • Email address for Business q_Email 3:
  • Name commonly known q_Name 4:
  • Phonetic of Commonly known name q_Phonetic 5:
  • Date of Hire q_Hire 6:
  • Date of Retirement q_Retirement 7:
  • Reason for Retirement q_Reason_Retirement 8:
  • Date of Death q_Date_Death 9:
  • Reason for Death q_Reason_Death 10:
  • = Newest personal Info (Browsing is not allowed even to Supervisors.) = 11:
  • Name of Family registration q_Name_Family 12:
  • Phonetic of Family registration name q_Phonetic_Family 13:
  • Date of Birth q_DOB 14:
  • Gender q_Gender 15:
  • Personal History q_History 16:
  • Address q_Address 17:
  • Emergency Contact Phone q_Emergency_Phone 18:
  • Emergency Contact Email Address q_Emergency_Email 19:
  • = Communication = 20:
  • Internal Message q_Message 21:
  • = Employee Master data (Exclusive of HR Department) = 22:
  • Employee List acquisition date q_Acquisition 23: Automatically set at x2.
  • Employee List q_Employee 24: Automatically set at x2. or X3.
  • (tsv data) q_TSV 25: Automatically set at x2.
  • id_list q_ID 26: Automatically set at x4.
  • label_list q_Label 27: Automatically set at x4.
  • staff-master_select q_Staff 28:



Only available for Professional edition.


  • You need to associate the Swimlane settings according to your organizational structure upon import
  • Immediately after importing, a setting error will occur
    • Make the necessary settings in edit mode

Arrangement Tips

  • The updated Options Master file can be used by any Apps on the same workflow platform for Select-type Data Items

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