Approval Request Flow
Records Processes beginning from the request for approval to the final approval. A director with approval authority can make a record of approval by simply processing the Step of [2x. Request from the Director] without going through the Steps of Submit and Approve. However, even the proposal was from a director, approval by the officer is required if it exceeds 1 million yen. All approvals are recorded and an approved proposal PDF is automatically generated.
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1. Submit plan draft 1x. Rework 2. Approve 2x. Request from the Director 3. Approve Approval limit set PDF generation PDF generation Recording of Approval Recording of Approval Recording of Automatic approval time Recording of Disapproval by Officer Recording of Withdrawal
guide = Application =
org Affiliation of Drafter
search Drafter
datetime Date and Time of Submission
multiple Contents and Reason of the Plan
files Attachment
number External Payment
number Internal Man-hours
radio Budget Classification
single Remarks for Budget Classification
guide = Approval =
select Approved by:(Superior)
datetime Date and Time of Approval (Superior)
datetime Approval limit
select Approved by:(Officerr)
datetime Date and Time of Decision (Officer)
guide = Decision =
radio Status
single Name of PDF
files PDF file
guide = Internal Communication =
discuss Message / Comment


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