PayPal Billing Process
An independent subprocess to be invoked by various business flows. Through “PayPal Invoicing API”, 1) let PayPal generate “PayPal Invoice”, 2) let PayPal send “PayPal Invoice”, 3) confirm payment status of “PayPal Invoice” to PayPal. Also generates “Transfer slip CSV” for accounting system automatically.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
(2. Check or Cancel) (4. Check or Cancel) (4x. Check or Cancel) 1. Bill data check 2. Bill approval 3. Accounting (Down Payment/Accounts Receivable) TSV to Excel-CSV set FileName
guide = Billing_info =
single Billing Language
single Billing Email
single Billing Name1
single Billing Name2
single Billing Business Name
guide = Items info =
single Item Unit Price Currency
single Item Tax Name
number Item Tax Percent
single Item Name
single Item Description
number Item Quantity
number Item Unit Price
guide = Invoice Info =
yyyy-mm-dd Invoice Date
yyyy-mm-dd Payment Term Due Date
multiple Invoice Note
multiple Invoice Terms
guide = Transfer Slip =
multiple Slip TSV
files Slip CSV File
single Slip CSV File Name
guide = PayPal Logs –
single Paypal Invoice ID
multiple AccessLog1
multiple AccessLog2
multiple AccessLog3
yyyy-mm-dd Paypal Invoice Paid Date
guide = memo =
single Trigger Process ID
number Total Amount
yyyy-mm-dd Sales Book Start Month
number Sales Book Number Of Month


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