PayPal Billing Process
An independent subprocess that can be invoked by various business flows. Through the PayPal Invoicing API; 1) PayPal generates PayPal Invoices, 2) PayPal sends PayPal Invoices, and 3) confirms the payment status of PayPal Invoices to PayPal. The Process also automatically generates a CSV of the Transfer slip for the accounting system.
2019 (CC BY-SA 4.0) Questetra, Inc.
(2. Check or Cancel) (4. Check or Cancel) (4x. Check or Cancel) 1. Bill data check 2. Bill approval 3. Accounting (Down Payment/Accounts Receivable) TSV to Excel-CSV set FileName
guide = Billing_info =
single Billing Language
single Billing Email
single Billing Name1
single Billing Name2
single Billing Business Name
guide = Items info =
single Item Unit Price Currency
single Item Tax Name
number Item Tax Percent
single Item Name
single Item Description
number Item Quantity
number Item Unit Price
guide = Invoice Info =
yyyy-mm-dd Invoice Date
yyyy-mm-dd Payment Term Due Date
multiple Invoice Note
multiple Invoice Terms
guide = Transfer Slip =
multiple Slip TSV
files Slip CSV File
single Slip CSV File Name
guide = PayPal Logs –
single Paypal Invoice ID
multiple AccessLog1
multiple AccessLog2
multiple AccessLog3
yyyy-mm-dd Paypal Invoice Paid Date
guide = memo =
single Trigger Process ID
number Total Amount
yyyy-mm-dd Sales Book Start Month
number Sales Book Number Of Month


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